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What is the Blackberry Fire Cannabis Strain? buy cheap weed online

Blackberry Fire is an indica-dominant hybrid, with roughly 70% indica in its genetics. Initially bred for its high THC content, the original breeders, Purple Caper Seeds, discovered that this unique blend between Blackberry Kush and Fire Lady created a flavor profile that they had never experienced before.

As a primarily indica-dominant strain, you would expect that the high would induce a significant amount of couchlock, forcing you to be bound to your nearest piece of furniture for the foreseeable future.

However, despite the significant indica genetics of Blackberry Fire, it has a strangely sativa-tinged focus. By far the first feeling you will experience is a profound sense of happiness. This takes root almost immediately after the first puff, with each toke almost feeling like a breath of happiness and joy filling your lungs.

This kind of happiness isn’t quite like the type of joy that many other strains provide – instead of walking around smiling like an idiot, you will instead feel simply content and pleased with the world around you.

Everything will feel natural to do, and nothing will bother you; this makes the next part of the high a lot easier, as it induces a surprising amount of mental focus. If you have a task of some sort you need to complete but have been struggling with motivation, then Blackberry Fire is the perfect solution – not only is everything wonderful, but it is also easy to muster up whatever motivation or creativity that you need.

However, you need to complete those tasks quickly, as the high will soon progress into a deep relaxation. It isn’t so bad so as to cause couchlock, but it does induce a feeling of leisurely nothingness. You won’t want to sit down, but you also won’t want to do much either.

This means that Blackberry Fire is a great strain to use so as to motivate you to complete tasks that you can do while sitting down, possibly at a computer or just within one room.

If you need to leave the house or otherwise move around quite a lot, you might struggle. Additionally, there is a massive spike of the munchies that will hit about halfway through your high, so make sure you have either kept some snacks on hand or have the number of a food delivery service on speed dial.

Blackberry Fire’s primary focus is on an initial burst of motivated, creative energy that is undercut with a constant stream of happiness, which is a list of effects that seems oddly at odds with its primarily indica genetics.

However, though the effects of this potent strain are enjoyable, as well being especially useful if you have a work project you need to complete, it is the flavor profile that leads many to try and find this strain to begin with.

Blackberry Fire Aroma, Flavor and Appearance, buy cheap weed online


In some marijuana stores, you might be lucky enough to be offered the actual marijuana buds to smell for yourself before you buy. If you are fortunate enough to have one such store near you, it is likely that you will have stuck your nose into all manner of different jars containing different strains.

If you had ever found yourself smelling Blackberry Fire, you would know about it straight away.

If kept in an airtight container, the initial burst of aroma will hit you like a truck. The first smell is one of crushed berries, with a tart sweetness that rides underneath it; it smells so much like a crushed punnet of berries that you will think you might be smelling a carton of Ribena, rather than marijuana.

Oddly enough, the main berry that you can smell is actually blueberries, despite the fact that this strain is known as Blackberry Fire; it would appear that during the cross-breeding processto create this strain, the blackberry flavor morphed into its bluer cousin.

The aroma of pungent blueberries remains constant throughout the smoke, as well as smelling like more of the same when you crack open the buds.

However, the best part is really the flavor.


Upon tasting your first hit of Blackberry Fire, you will likely be expecting a burst of blueberries and sweetness, as that is what the aroma prepares you for.

As soon as you make that first intake of breath, that is precisely what you will experience – however, it is way more than you could have imagined.

If you have ever bitten into a sweet with a liquid center and felt the juice burst in your mouth, then you will have come close to the tasting experience of Blackberry Fire. It is like the sudden explosion of a hundred berries bursting inside of your mouth, drenching your taste buds in sweet juices, despite the somewhat dry quality of the Blackberry Fire smoke itself.

The taste remains the same both on the inhale and exhale, making the entire tasting experience consistent from start to finish.

Blackberry Fire has so much potent berry flavor that you might start to think that smoking it provides one of your five a day; the sheer juiciness will have you checking your chin to make sure that blueberry juice isn’t pouring down your face.

Oddly enough, its appearance is nothing like what you would expect.


For such a flavorful and juicy strain, you might expect the visual presentation of Blackberry Fire to be suitably moist or otherwise indicative of its flavor.

However, the actual physical look of Blackberry Fire is surprisingly bland. It has a nice coating of yellow and white trichomes that demonstrate its eventual potency, but instead of any kind of vibrant color, it is instead a rather dull, mottled grey.

If you didn’t know what you were about to experience from the aroma alone, then the look of Blackberry Fire might convince you that you were about to taste an overwhelmingly dull and poor tasting strain.

This makes Blackberry Fire a great example of the adage to not judge a book by its cover.

The buds look quite good while they are growing, however, so what do you need to know to grow your own?

Blackberry Fire Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Blackberry Fire is a fairly typical indica-dominant hybrid as far as growing techniques go – it has a tendency to grow quite wide, making for a decent yield if allowed to grow naturally.

However, if you want to try and maximize your yield, you should tether the growing branches to a support network, so as to provide enough lateral stabilization to encourage even more bud production.

Blackberry Fire has a pretty short flowering time of around eight to nine weeks, as well as not growing exceptionally tall. This would make it a great strain to grow outdoors, were it not for one thing; its odor.

The smell of berries is incredibly distinct, making it hugely noticeable to any nosy neighbor, so if you are looking to keep your crop hidden from passing eyes, then you are best to grow it indoors.

Due to its shorter stature, you can choose to grow it hydroponically and use the Sea of Green method, allowing for a really lovely spread and high eventual yield.

Since the yield is so high and its smell so strong, it would make sense that it is also rich in cannabinoid content, right?

Blackberry Fire THC Content – Highest Test

As might be expected from any hybrid strain with indica leanings, Blackberry Fire has been developed with a high THC content in mind.

You can expect up to around 23% THC content in any individual sample of Blackberry Fire, making this strain perfect for those looking for both strong flavors and strong effects.

Generally speaking, strains with an overpowering scent also have a powerful THC content, so keep that in mind the next time you stick your nose into some good quality bud.

What about CBD?

Blackberry Fire CBD Content – Highest Test

As is quite literally almost always the case, when you have a high THC content, you end up with an extraordinarily low CBD content.

Generally speaking, expect no more than about 1% to 1.5% CBD content in your Blackberry Fire, which might be rather depressing if you were hoping for an excellent medicinal effect from the CBD within Blackberry Fire.

However, just because it has a low CBD content doesn’t mean you won’t get some useful therapeutic effects.

Medical Benefits of Blackberry Fire Cannabis Strain,

As an indica-leaning hybrid, the therapeutic benefits of Blackberry Fire are pretty predictable – most strains with similar effects can help push back stress and anxiety, as well as general negative thoughts.

However, while this is undoubtedly true, Blackberry Fire is used for treating very different conditions.

One of the most reported medical uses of Blackberry Fire is to help deal with a lack of appetite. It is able to do this thanks to its massive feeling of the munchies, encouraging even the most food adverse people to eat. Additionally, the pungent and delicious smell and flavor can help inspire almost anyone to eat.

The burst of creative, focused energy is also great for helping treat fatigue; though you will feel very relaxed, it won’t knock you out or cause you to fall asleep.

Blackberry Fire’s generally high THC content also means that it is able to help treat issues arising from Inflammation and nausea, as well as problems with general, non-specific pain.

However, what kind of adverse effects can you expect when you take some Blackberry Fire?

Possible Side Effects of Blackberry Fire Cannabis Strain, buy weed online cheap

Blackberry Fire is quite a rare strain as, despite its full THC content and profoundly strong aroma, it has surprisingly few side effects.

As with literally every strain of marijuana with any kind of significant THC content, you can expect both dry eyes and dry mouth, so keep a glass of water handy to help combat these two pernicious symptoms.

The main negative side effect that Blackberry Fire can cause is bouts of dizziness. This is quite interesting, as many people take this strain to help treat issues arising from nausea, so it seems strange that it can both help treat nausea and also cause dizziness at the same time, but that’s just how the mysteries of marijuana work sometimes.

It’s important to remember that the dizziness caused by Blackberry Fire only affects a specific subsection of people, as well as being far more likely to affect you if you already suffer from dizziness or vertigo, so don’t go into it expecting that you will unpleasantly dizzy.

Final Thoughts on Blackberry Fire Cannabis Strain, buy weed online cheap

Blackberry Fire is an excellent example of a strain that has been bred for one purpose, yet is famous for an entirely different reason.

Though the initial reasoning behind the crossbreeding of Blackberry Kush and Fire Lady was to create an even more potent hybrid (as is quite literally always the reason when breeding hybrids), the resultant combination of aroma and flavor has made Blackberry Fire an incredibly sought after strain.

The effects of Blackberry Fire are exceptionally potent, providing both a creative and focused burst of energy that is continuously mixed with an everlasting sensation of happiness, but it is really the flavor and aroma that people look for.

It is strange for some people to imagine a world wherein people look for particular strains of Marijuana for their unique flavors, rather than their effects, but that is the ever-changing world of Marijuana – though it started out as a hunt for the most potent possible strain, it has morphed into a genuinely artisanal flavor experience.

For those looking for the latest and greatest tasting experiences in Marijuana, look no further than Blackberry Fire; not only does it taste exceptional, its effects are pleasant, peaceful and enjoyable, making this a perfect strain to enjoy in the late afternoon and finish up some projects and relax.  buy cheap weed online


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