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Is it safe to buy weed online / mail order marijuana online?
  • Generally, recent times have proven people buy weed online, instead of visiting their local dispensary, so it has become safer to order weed online than it is to meet your “plug”. Mail order marijuana online, buy edibles online in the USA, Canada & Europe
    • You want high-quality weed.
    • The closest dispensary is too far, or marijuana is illegal in your state.
    • You’re looking for the best selection of THC products

    Our products are of the highest quality and are packed in discrete odor-less vacuum-sealed packages. Discreet delivery is our recommended best practice and packages are tracked all the way to your home. Buy weed online with just a click

    Law cannot interfere with your package as the United States Post Corporation Act warrants your order a green status, unless there’s a national security risk.

Do I need a Medical Marijuana Card?
  • NO! buy weed online without a card. Once you’re ready to buy marijuana online from Cannabis Online Dispensary, its as easy as ordering a PIZZA, browse our catalog, fine what you need and just make your order. With the renaissance of marijuana reforms, there’s a global verge of legalization.

    Following the footsteps of plenty of other countries and states that have realized the health benefits of medicating with cannabis. We believe patients should have access to the best quality marijuana at affordable prices so in collaboration with Dr Frank Ambrosio, we issue a Doctor’s recommendation to patients.  Apply for Medical marijuana Card

    • Receive your card same day
    • %100 secure and HIPAA Compliant
Can I trust this website?
  • Yes! Our Cannabis Online Dispensary team over 150 professionals who will do everything in our power to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your experience of buying weed online on this website.

    We work hard to have a solid reputation with medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana consumers, we believe everyone should have access to their medicine and not have to resort to overpriced LPs or feel uncomfortable dealing with “dealers”.

What payment options do you accept?
  • We currently only accept: 

    • Bitcoin (BTC): You can buy bitcoins online with one click by downloading the following apps; “
    1. Coinbase App from” 
    2. Bitpanda App following this link
    3. Abra App following this link
    • Gift Card Payment options:  We will accept the following gift cards as payment for your order:

    • American Express Gift Card

      To get this gift card; you’ll go to a Walgreens in person and request for this card and must buy with CASH or DEBIT. Once you have acquired this card, you’ll email us a picture of the FRONT and BACK plus . RECEIPT as will be requested inn the billing email. 

      Walmart Gift Cards
      Types of accepted Walmart gift cards include; 

      1. Walmart basic blue gift card: which you can only get at a Walmart in person.
      2. Walmart E-Codes: You can buy this at
      3. Walmart Visa Gift Cards: You’ll have to go to a Walmart in person to get this gift card.

      iTunes Gift cards

      We will only accept $50 and $100 iTunes gifts card, on special occasions you’ll be able to buy $200 iTunes gift cards.




Do you deliver to my state / Worldwide?
  • Sounds impossible but, YES we are currently buy weed online with online dispensary shipping to all states in the United States and  Worldwide.

    As a leading activist marijuana dispensary faced with legal boundaries, our operations are stealth giving us the will power to provide weed strains to needy patients and consumers who are willing to collaborate and exercise patience as all deliveries aren’t signature required packages. Contact us if you have any more questions.

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Is Marijuana Legal To Use?

The legality of marijuana varies depending on where you live. In the USA, marijuana is now legal across the country to buy and use. However, the restrictions on who can smoke and where you can smoke vary from State to State.

In most provinces, anyone aged 19 or over can buy and use marijuana. The two exceptions are Alberta, where the legal age is 19, and New Jersey, where the legal age was recently raised to 21. You can buy weed online or in stores.

You can smoke weed in public properties or residences. Some states also allow you to smoke in designated public places. You can carry up to 30 grams of weed or the equivalent of other products. For more information on your local cannabis laws

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