After you’ve vaped cannabis, you may think that’s the end of the line. Well, you can give new life to your stash by using “Already-Vaped Bud,” or AVB for short. AVB can be just as potent the second time around and can allow you to use your bud in effective, yet unexpected ways.

Most of the THC you’ll find in cannabis will be vaped in your first vaping sesh, but what’s left over can still be salvaged. In fact, there’s actually a decent amount of active cannabinoids in your leftovers. When vaping cannabis, it’s ideal to vape at a temperature of 315-440 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll get excellent taste and effects at this temperature range, while still being left with usable AVB afterward.

Decarboxylation (also known as decarbing) occurs at certain ideal vaping temperatures. This process releases terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids from your cannabis. Basically, the heat converts THC and CBD from an acid to a non-acid, making them available for your body to use. However, the brownish-colored flower that is left over after vaping isn’t 100% depleted of THC or CBD. In fact, your AVB is still pretty potent and can be further absorbed.

That said, don’t try to ingest or smoke your AVB immediately after vaping — it won’t work well or taste too great. It will be bitter, and you probably won’t like it much. There are, however, ways to maximize the flavor of AVB while “re-activating” latent cannabinoids and other essential compounds. Keep reading to learn how to do it.

What to Do with Your AVB
There are several ways to maximize the taste and effectiveness of AVB. From edibles to extracting concentrates to creating an awesome cannabutter, you can utilize the full range of active cannabinoids that your vaporizer leaves behind. Not only are the following methods sure to create something you’ll love, but they can save you heaps of money in the long run.

One of the most popular things to do with AVB is turning it into edibles. “Edible-izing” (did we just make up a word?) AVB is a good way for you to release all those hidden nuggets of cannabinoids – including the beneficial effects of THC, CBD, and more. And as we just mentioned, AVB can be used to make some really decent quality cannabis butter. The process is simple and easy and can be used in a variety of recipes. Since you’re cannabis has already been decarbed in the vaporizer, it’s already ready to go. Here’s how to make cannabutter from AVB:

What You’ll Need:
A saucepan
4 sticks of butter or 2 cups of coconut oil
A quart of water
A mesh sieve or cheesecloth
An ounce or more of AVB
Step one: Bring a quart of water to a boil in a medium saucepan. Place the butter (or coconut oil if you’re doing it vegan style) into the boiling water until it is melted completely.

Step two: Once the butter has melted, place your AVB into the boiling mixture.

Step three: Turn the heat down to low and simmer for about three hours. It’s important that you don’t let the mixture boil at this point. The mixture will be ready when the top of it has become glossy and thick. Be aware that this process will release terpenes into the air, giving your kitchen a strong aroma.

Step four: Have a bowl ready to hold the mixture. Strain the mixture so that all of the lumps of weed do not end up in the liquid. Be careful not to spill.

Step five: Once the mixture has been strained, let it sit at room temperature for about an hour. Then place it into the fridge to cool. Once it has completely solidified on top, you can separate the solid mass from the water by running a knife along the edge of the bowl.

Take the butter and place it onto a clean surface. Scrape off any water and put it into an airtight container. You can now use your butter in a variety of dishes. You can toss it into a brownie mix, use it to make a seafood dish, or use it to make cookies or cakes. Simply use the butter or oil as you would in any other recipe and voila! You’ve got delicious edibles.

Other Things to do With Already Vaped Bud (AVB)
You can’t go wrong in making a good cannabutter from AVB. Of course, that’s not the only thing you can do with it. Here are four additional things you can do with that slightly-burned-yet-still-usable Already Vaped Marijuana:

Use It in Your Morning Cup of Tea or Coffee

If you’re not yourself until you’ve had your morning cup of joe or cup of tea, this may be the method for you. You can supercharge your daily intake of caffeine with a beneficial dose of cannabinoids. Once your AVB has been properly decarboxylated, you can infuse your morning drink by grinding it up and adding it to coffee grounds or tea leaves. Prepare your coffee or tea as usual. It is recommended that you add a bit of flavored creamer to mask any taste. Particularly for tea, you can add a spot of milk or cream as cannabinoids often bind easily to fats.

Water Cure Your Weed

Water curing is a technique that’s used to get rid of unwanted combustibles in your weed that make it taste really bad. In other words, AVB bud is a perfect candidate. It is a long process, but if you’re patient, you can really salvage your AVB. Unfortunately, you’ll need at least an ounce or more of nugs so you’ll probably have to save up for a while.

Once you’ve accumulated this amount, you can go forward with the water curing process, which takes no less than four days and no more than one week. Here’s how to do it:

Place your AVB in a cheesecloth. Tie the cheesecloth with a string. Let it soak in a bowl or pan of water.
After several hours (every 4-8 hours is usually appropriate), come back and toss out the water, adding fresh water. Continue this process for up to four days, but no longer than a week.
After four days or more have passed, drain the water that the cheesecloth is in. Squeeze out any excess water and place the AVB onto a baking sheet.
Set your oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and let the AVB bake for at least two hours. Be sure to toss the AVB every half hour or so until it is completely dried.
Now, the taste and quality of the AVB should be optimized. You can smoke it, re-vape it, use it for edibles, or just generally do whatever the hell you want with it.
Use AVB as a Supplement

Another method you can use includes placing your AVB into empty gel capsules. You can get these capsules at any neighborhood health food store. It can be a little time-consuming, but well worth it. The capsules can be taken with water or any other beverage. You can use the capsules without worrying about any kind of aftertaste.

Make AVB Tinctures

Tinctures are a great way to get an infusion of cannabinoids. They’re also perfect for using your leftover AVB stash. It is a discrete method, and it can maximize what’s left of the terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds. If you’re the patient type, making your own tincture will be well worth the process. The effects of a tincture can be felt in as little as 15 minutes, and can last for hours.

You’ll need a dropper bottle (and your AVB of course), as well as an alcoholic beverage that’s at least 90 proof (try Everclear) and a sieve or cheesecloth. Place your AVB into the alcohol. Let it sit for a few hours or even a few days (the longer the better). Be sure to shake the mixture or stir it gently. Strain the mixture with the cheesecloth or sieve. Store the mixture in a clean dropper bottle in a cool, dry place. You can take a few drops under your tongue for a full effect.

Can I Smoke AVB?
Technically, you can smoke your AVB, but be aware that the taste will be off-putting. You can water cure it as described above to improve the taste and maximize the flavor, but it still will be far from 100%.

Also, the AVB you roll into a joint won’t have as much of an effect as the other methods that have been mentioned. This is due to the decarbing process that has already taken place in the vaporizer (the ideas mentioned above will maximize what’s left of the active cannabinoids).

Bottom line is, if you’re looking to use Already Vaped Bud (AVB) to maximum effect, there are more than a few things you can do with it. Save it all up after every time you vape, build up a nice little AVB stash, and recycle those nugs to good use when the time comes around.

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